Welcome to the wxMUN homepage. Although this page is rather boring and in plain HTML for the moment, it might be beautified somewhere in the future. We prefer to put time in the application, not the website ;-)

wxMUN is a tool to manage Model United Nations (MUN) debates, fully written in C++ using the wxWidgets toolkit. It was written by Geert-Jan Besjes in anticipation for WorldMUN 2009, which was held in The Hague (Netherlands). Since just after that conference, it's been available on SourceForge and used at many conferences all over the world!

The latest release is version 0.40, dated 27 November 2013. Download it here.

It is available for Windows (32-bit), Mac OS X and of course also in source code format. No Linux binaries exist (yet! Feel free to provide me a package!), but you can easily compile your own version from SVN or the source code tarballs for releases.

In 2012, wxMUN even made a cameo appearance in Model UN Style, a parody of Gangnam Style!


Like most open source software packages, wxMUN is always under development, but it should be safe to grab the source code and try to build your own version if you're interested!

For Windows an installer is available. Under OS X, simply drag wxMUN.app to your Applications folder. (Be sure to allow permissions in 'Security & Privacy' in the System Preferences for the app to run!) Under Linux, make sure you have Xerces-C++ and wxWidgets and their development versions installed: compilation should be fairly straightforward and similar to most packages using the GNU build system.

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Please send an e-mail if your conference uses wxMUN so we can add you to the list! Until now, wxMUN has been used in committees at (among others) the following conferences:


wxMUN is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 .


Please send an e-mail to Geert-Jan Besjes, gbesjes [at] gmail.com.